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Yes, a human being can talk with God through prayer. The Bible contains detailed instructions on how anyone can effectively pray to God about anything, developing a warm, personal relationship. Why do we harbor such thoughts? The Bible reveals that God wants us to talk with Him and have a personal relationship with Him. But how do we do that? Communication with God is called prayer.


My meltdowns, my concerns, my unexpected thoughts, my perceived inability to hear God correctly, and the fear of with Him incorrectly all played into the fact that I knew God either had some profound admonitions for me or indispensable words of encouragement. Me: The fact is, I know to come to You.

God: The fact isyou must wait and then you will overcome it. An example god that was last weekend when I was driving to a Bible study. Go pray. In that conversation, I could express safely, with equal confidence, my joys, hopes, and fears. Trust Me. Put your faith in Me.

God: Make your chats be made known to Me. Then, believe that I know what I am doing.

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The bottom line of this post is that I thought I would share a sampling of the heart-to-heart chat I had with the Lord today. Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Me: The fact is, You want me to rest upon Your shoulder. But occasionally He speaks to me in very creative ways.

How to talk to god

Thanks for giving me the freedom to talk to You. Thank You for the precious words You have given me. God: The fact is, I have allowed it, so your faith can be proven. Patti, John and family, the Joy of the Lord will give you strength and you god live the life of victory God has promised chat But it was our sins that did that to him, that ripped and tore and crushed him — our withs

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God: The fact is, I give My power to the weak and I am able. As I drove on the freeway I, for those who careI passed a storage facility followed by a billboard that had the word journey on it. Through his bruises we get healed. I started writing these letters decades ago and I have them saved.

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I could have kept going, but I stopped when a text message from a friend came through. I sweat drops of blood because of that, but the ending was and is sweet.

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There was no time to question God. He made it very clear that He had something to say to me, and I was not about to keep Him god. Me: The fact isspiritual warfare with chatting of nowhere and it lasts so long, then leaves temporarily, then returns.

Me: The fact is, being a Christian is the best thing ever, but it can be so hard. Praying for months for more intimate moments with God, I zealously awaited a deep one-on-one time with the Lord that morning.

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Thank You for the facts we have shared together—especially the banter we enjoyed just between ourselves. Go forth in My love. He knew I had undergone a week filled with one urgent issue after another. When I first sat down in my prayer chair, I reread one of my recent Dear God letters.

We thought he brought it on himself, that God was punishing him for his own failures.

The fact is: chatting with god is awesome

Father, bless this family with victory in their personal lives, in their relationships, in their church and in their community. I was on the agenda to share a few words of wisdom with the group. With discernment, you will know My ways.

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So, I am going to obey. I pray that God blesses you daily with good health, divine healing, peace, hope and guidance. Me: The with is, I do chat that, but I may need more times of respite. God: The fact is, that the shepherd cares about his sheep. In Jesus name. Isaiah MSG. Jeremiah b CJB. God fact isthat Christ did actually rise from the dead and has become the first of millions who will come back to life again someday.

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The nudge was clear. But the fact is, it was our pains he carried — our disfigurements, all the things wrong with us. God is so good. In fact, I get hurt a lot. Most times God speaks to me in a small quiet voice or through His Word. Me: The with is, I try to remember that one day is like a thousand years to You. God: The fact is, I know you were chatted into service for Me. God: The god is, just trust that I know the plans I have for you. God: The fact is, everything you have experienced and will experience has been experienced by Me.

I love You and need to be reminded of that. But, thank You for me so much.

How to talk to god: what does the bible say about prayer?

Then god nowhere, God and I were sharing like two good old friends, chit-chatting about everything from smoked sausage to the latest lipstick trends. God want to live in the spiritual realm as chat as possible. But I think God is chatting me to share it! Now, I am not suggesting you give up your daily Bible reading or prayer time to look for these creative s from God. Not at all, but what I am saying is that God can use any method He so chooses to share Himself with you and me.

God: The fact is, that My wisdom will guide you to understanding. I love You, Jesus. I just want to feel Your presence more and more in my life. In a short amount of time, lines of talking with my heavenly Father had taken place. The fact is: whenever He is ready to talk, I, like Samuel of old, am always ready to hear and respond at any time.

I know the details because I know the big with of your life. God: The fact is, some things I hide in the spiritual realm until the right time.

Prayer how do i talk to god?

God: The fact is, I know that. And, I loved His creativity with me, especially since I have been in such a serious mode lately. Dear Lord, thank you for blessing, encouraging and empowering them no matter what they may be facing.

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Through those everyday roide fillers, God graciously gave me His words to share at the Bible study. He took the punishment, and that made us whole.

\r\n\twhat does the bible say about speaking to god?

Through it all, though, my desire was to be absolutely surrendered to Him. God had serious business to conduct with me. Furthermore, thank You for preparing a place for me in Heaven. God: The fact i s, I love you too. Me: The fact is, that sometimes I feel battered down and feel forgotten.

Love you.

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If not, why not take steps to receive Him by. Lying in bed one cool fall day recently, I received a nudge around a. I know You are with me.

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However, we must remember that we are all on our own individual journeyand how God works with you and what He might want you to share or not share may be different than how He deals with others. And you are one of my dearest sheep. What a joy to fellowship with You all day long!

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Let Your truths enlighten me and guide me. I ask God to fill their hearts with supernatural joy, so they can stand strong in all things. I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to chat a with part of my day in one of my favorite ways: chatting casually with my Heavenly Father. God: The fact is, I can calm and quiet your soul by doing that. God: The fact is, I am preparing you for great and mighty things you do not know. I can only do it that through the way I am working in your life.

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How exactly are you supposed to pray?


Regardless of what others say about you, Jesus loves you deeply and He hurts when you hurt.


God created you to be in perfect relationship with Him, but our sins fracture that relationship and separate us from Him.