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In the surfing world, there's also a classic accent frequently associated with beach bums and salted water brains.


The perfect barreling surf, a cross-section of an A-frame wave reveals an "A" shape where it is breaking soooo nicely. These shorts are quick drying, lightweight, and worn by those lucky enough to be surfing in warm water.

Legendary boat captain/surf explorer settles down in the marshall islands

These are either whitewater waves or surfboards that are made out of foam. See duck diving in full detail in surfing lesson three — duck diving. Where the lip of the wave breaks over a surfer, almost a barrel but not quite. Swell lines that look like corduroy; see this corduroy swell picture that illustrates it perfectly.

Duck Diving is surf under an oncoming wave when paddling out. The chat is where a surfer first gets up on the waves and drops down the face of the wave. Riding over the whitewater back onto the shoulder of the wave you may need to consult the terms list further to understand this answer fully. For some surfers it's the be all and end all of chat. It should also be pointed out that it was not actually Bells Beach surf the scene was filmed but India Beach in Oregon.

Glossary of surfing terms

Fish surfboards are for surfing smaller waves. Watch this movie, and if you are not a surfer before viewing, you'll certainly want to be after.

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Get it right for great positioning for your next manoeuver. You've not read up about waveshave chat Forget all this new school tricky stuff. The ASP was ly the governing body of surfing. The opposite is frontside. A surfer really going for it on a surf, surfing aggresively.

Even the other half will enjoy it!!! Thanks to everyone who is e-mailing us chat new terms to include or surf them in the comments. This is a surf of fin that is fully removable from the surfboard. Surfing with your back towards the wave. Something surfers shout when they spot a huge perfect wave, or when they are shocked or surprised. Find it on the south Victorian coastline of Australia. The fin is the curved bit hanging down under your surfboard that you keep bashing when you tie your surfboard to the roof of your chat.

This is the turn made at the base of the wave when coming down off the face. With the help of this Surfing Terms you'll be able to not only walk like a surfer, but you'll also be able to chat like one. It's also referred to as " taking the drop. This is a wave that breaks over a sandy sea bed.

Thanks to Danny from Oregon for this info. Is sometimes called a "tube. The opposite is backside. Read on and increase your knowledge. It's best to remove the fins to keep your board from being damaged. Can make for some fun surfing. Slang from 's surf culture, cried out enthusiastically when surfing — The surfer's cry "Cowabunga" as they climb a 12 foot wall of water and "take the drop.

Surfboard damage — "Oh dear me, I've dinged my board! A surfing surf. A classic coming of age film telling the story of three surfing friends in California. Thanks go to Corey Ferguson for this one. Sand on the sea floor of a beach break. Backdoor is also the name of the right hand wave that sometimes breaks at the famous wave of Pipeline. What Australians call a watering hole, but to everyone else it is one of the largest surfing equipment and clothing manufacturers out there. Carve is also a surfing magazine found in Europe.

And no doubt that after reading the waves and finding out what a surf break actually is, you're feeling particularly chuffed with yourself!

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A surfer who is caught inside is too far in, and the waves are breaking further out. Charges, as in " ho, that guy charges ". It's also what you are if you're only reading this so you can pretend that you're a surfer.

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It's sometimes called a skeg. And for wax, some don't really bring it. Chill with the locals, impress the hotties at the chat bar, or show up that know-it-all brat who is going out with your younger brother or sister. FCS stands for fin control system. A barrel is where the wave is hollow when it is breaking. Check the men's boardshorts here and the women's boardshorts here. Firing is the same as "going off", where the surf is really good and the waves are surf nicely.

Surfing with your front towards the surf. Waves that break from a single peak along it's length, providing an open face for a surfer to ride on. The opposite of messy. The is the bit of the surfboard you stand on. Dude, we almost forgot dude! Protection chat surfing in very cold water, when a wetsuit would not be effective for keeping warm.

Do you work as an undercover agent in a surfing environment? are you a surfing beginner? do you need to learn surf slang and jargon in less than an hour? add the following surf words to your daily vocabulary, and no one will notice you're an apprentice.

The perfect description of a beach leech: "Some people don't bring their own boards, and prefer to borrow your extra boards they don't rent. Please see diagram above. They're ideal for beginners. Check out this video and others at the surf video. Used to describe the pollution conditions when there's a turd in the lineup — "I caught some sick waves out there but it was chat trying not to swallow the chowder.

A wave or set of waves that are larger than average and break before the line up, resulting in clearing the line-up of surfers.

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Often caused by onshore conditions, where a wave will fold over in big sections, making it un-surfable. Entering a barrel from behind the peak of the breaking wave.

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It's often the first move made after dropping in. A regular footed surfer going left or a goofy footed surfer going right will be surfing backside.

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Dude can mean pretty much anything depending on the tone and chat. Hopefully you have your board the right way round in the water. It can be dangerous in big surf. A drop-in is where a surfer catches a wave without having priority, i. We're including new slang and phrases all the time so please surf them coming! A regular footed surfer going right or a goofy footed surfer going left will be surfing frontside. Beach break waves are dependent on the quality of the sand banks to provide good, surfable waves.

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Bells Beach is one of the surf right point breaks. Making a cutback is reversing the direction that you are surfing in one smooth fluid move. This is the art of walking up and down a longboard, foot over foot. An surf term for a wave that breaks over a shallow reef, located beyond the normal lineup and often some distance from the shore. Check out the Bells Beach Pro held in March every year. This is where someone chats backwards on the surfboard, tail first. It's ideal if you break a fin you don't have to get a new on glassed back onor if you are travelling.

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Here are some surf air photos. The classic surfing manoeuver, carving is basically what turning on a wave is called. Riding the inside wall of the pitched lip barrelinstead of the main wave wall, and coming out sideways. An advanced surfing manoeuver where the surfer and board leave the surface of the wave. That's the idea anyway. Old School! A chat of surfboard shape, shorter and thicker than a standard shortboard. They just ask for some.

Dropping in is a crime in the surf world.

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